Petz friendly color schemes!

These are made up entirely of the 256 colors in the petz palette. Each step comes from one of the peaks of maximum chroma for that level of lightness, in the LCh color picker in GIMP 2.10. Then petzified with positional dithering. These could be sampled to make textures for Petz, except for the colors in the first three that have magenta in them. That particular color is used as transparancy by petz.

Colors of the rainbow next to grayscale values Rainbow colors seen under warm light Rainbow colors seen under cool light

These last two are 100% safe for Petz, as I reduced the chroma/lightness to get rid of that pesky neon magenta before indexing it.

Dull colors Dark colors

I also exported the game's palette in every format GIMP would let me export them in:

CSS stylesheet

Java map

Text file

With help from this page on dithering patterns, I made these color ramps. The dithering pattern is 8x8. Each ramp has only three colors.

Warm hued pink.

Dark magenta.

You can take a dark, medium, and light color from different parts of the color wheel and it will still look good.

Soft yellow + middle green + dark blue.

Pale blue + middle green + a red-tinted black.

This one doesn't look as good, though. This red also came from the dark part of my petz-ified dull color scheme, but it's too close in value to the green. So instead of looking like a shadow, it just looks weird.