Mazzlabz full Petz 5 game full Petz 5 game with PetzA installed. Use this instead of the Petz 5 installer.

Petz 4 full game


Carolyn's Creations Classic and beloved site: breeds, tutorials, babyz, oddballz in petz. Seperate downloads for petz 3/4/5.

Vickie's Petz Zoo (Internet Archive) Also has many cool breeds, all unibreed.

Improved Original Breed Index

mazzlabs petz 4 site with free graphics and colorful funky psychelic breeds and other downloads. This site was actually what got me back into petz after many years, when I happened to see it on Neocities one day.

Kalium's Petz Place Some pokemon and other fun breeds Some miscellanous hexed things released under a CC0 license

New Lambda Extremely cool montrous alien petz based on the Half-Life series.

Faepetz - Faewolf's Petz Archive Some very cool wildz in here, archived from lost petz sites.

[BAD_DEATH] Cool breeds, like a mimic, an actual treasure chest.

Mad Science petz pages

Carolyn's Mad Science page The original mad hexer >:D
Petzy things @ yabiko: Cutting-edge petz research on reverse engineering the game, as well as petz utilities.
Kalium's Petz Place has misc hexing info, petz personality research, and an .SCP parser. (The part of a breedfile that controls animations. They are extracted via LNZ Pro, ResHacker, 7zip, etc.)
Kay's Laboratory Petz personality and genes. This site also has downloads; there are experimental petz, accurate wall-eyed chihuahuas, and catz with altered personalities.
scrapyardz A new site that Neocities recommended to me. It has a petz personality tutorial and an extremely useful glossary page, as well as petz research experiments. 👀

RKC Petz Forum threads:

Hexing catz to be Tricksters @ Corrupted Kibbles.

Unique Petz Has a Mad Science section, as well as some good guides/tutorials.

Whiskerwick forums: [.pet] Veterinary Info: Hacking your pet's tricks

Petz-related code

pastylabz: Generates LNZ data

Petz SCP Reader


petz-common: Common routines for petz utilities

Petz file formats



ScreenToGif is very good.

Tools to make catz into tricksters and dogz into trotters.


HTML tips

Online HTML Code Editor

Difference between alt text and title text of an image.

Stack Overflow: Finding unclosed tags in HTML

Stack Overflow: How to put all the images in a folder in an html file, using the Command Prompt in Windows. More info about batch scripting.

98.css - A design system for building faithful recreations of old UIs.

Other cool stuff

GifCities from the Internet Archive

Under Construction gifs

One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age: Digging through the Geocities Torrent

Project with links to two real-time glitter shader demos

Interactive font generator demo

The Most Unwanted Song (full audio with score) - YouTube

Gradient color palette generator. Explanation: Mastering Multi-hued Color Scales with Chroma.js

Gradient generator. Another useful tool.

Kevin MacLeod's Incompetech Home of famous YouTube stock music, all downloadable and searcable by emotion, tempo, and more, free to use with a Creative Commons license (you have to give credit!) It also has printable customizable graph paper and other cool stuff. Check it out!