Carolyn's Creations Classic and beloved site: breeds, tutorials, babyz, oddballz in petz. Seperate downloads for petz 3/4/5.

Vickie's Petz Zoo (Internet Archive) Also has many cool breeds, all unibreed.

Improved Original Breed Index

mazzlabs petz 4 site with free graphics and colorful funky psychelic breeds and other downloads. This site was actually what got me back into petz after many years, when I happened to see it on Neocities one day.

Kalium's Petz Place Some pokemon and other fun breeds Some miscellanous hexed things released under a CC0 license

New Lambda Extremely cool montrous alien petz based on the Half-Life series.

Faepetz - Faewolf's Petz Archive Some very cool wildz in here, archived from lost petz sites.

[BAD_DEATH]Cool breeds, like a mimic, an actual treasure chest.

Mad Science petz pages

Carolyn's Mad Science page The original mad hexer >:D
Petzy things @ yabiko: Cutting-edge petz research on reverse engineering the game, as well as petz utilities.
Kalium's Petz Place has misc hexing info, petz personality research, and an .SCP parser. (The part of a breedfile that controls animations. They are extracted via LNZ Pro, ResHacker, 7zip, etc.)
Kay's Laboratory Petz personality and genes. This site also has downloads; there are experimental petz, accurate wall-eyed chihuahuas, and catz with altered personalities.
scrapyardz A new site that Neocities recommended to me. It has a petz personality tutorial and an extremely useful glossary page, as well as petz research experiments. 👀

RKC Petz Forum threads:

Hexing catz to be Tricksters @ Corrupted Kibbles.

Unique Petz Has a Mad Science section, as well as some good guides/tutorials.

Petz-related code

pastylabz: Generates LNZ data

Petz SCP Reader


petz-common: Common routines for petz utilities

Petz file formats



ScreenToGif is very good.


HTML tips

Online HTML Code Editor

Difference between alt text and title text of an image.

Stack Overflow: Finding unclosed tags in HTML

Stack Overflow: How to put all the images in a folder in an html file, using the Command Prompt in Windows. More info about batch scripting.

98.css - A design system for building faithful recreations of old UIs.

Other cool stuff

GifCities from the Internet Archive

Under Construction gifs

One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age: Digging through the Geocities Torrent

Project with links to two real-time glitter shader demos

Interactive font generator demo

The Most Unwanted Song (full audio with score) - YouTube

Gradient color palette generator. Explanation: Mastering Multi-hued Color Scales with Chroma.js

Gradient generator. Another useful tool.