Toy Downloads

These Toyz are for Petz 5 unless stated otherwise.

Overwriting Toyz

Cotton Candy Hairball


Now you can replace the gross hairball and make your cats cough up a pink ball of fluff! Not only is it tasty and edible, but it really tastes like cotton candy! Your petz will also be able to see its pink color.

Download the yummy hairball for Petz 5.

Download the candy hairball for Petz 4.

Edible Bones

Dog Bone

I also made the dog bone edible.


School of delicous prehistoric fish

After I hexed the fish bone to be edible, I tried making it big. Then I changed the ball color at random and made things fuzzy. Then I discovered that you can put variations in toyz, just like with adopted petz! When you find a fish bone, it will randomly select one of ~10 size variations.

It really works!

Download the terrifying fish

Continued adventures of fish

An alternate fish bone. I changed the colors again, but in a logical way this time, and used that to figure out what the ball numbers were. Then I put new linez along the spine. For now, it's a see-through fish.

It is still edible.


Non-Overwriting Toyz

Under construction! (I don't have any.)


My first item of clothing, a pink bow worn on your pet's nose. It shows up separately in the clothes closet as a pink bow.

Download for Petz 4.